Birmingham, AL dentist replaces teeth


Are you tired of showing that gummy smile or covering your mouth when you laugh?  Are you ready to eat steak and other things that you just cannot enjoy without teeth?  Dentures may be your answer. 

Dentures or false teeth are a removable appliance that is used to replace teeth. A denture can replace all of your teeth (complete denture) or it can replace a few teeth that are missing (partial denture).   Dentures are supported by the bone that was previously used to support your teeth as well as other tissues in your mouth.

Dentures function to improve:

1. Chewing–  Dentures aid in breaking down foods by grinding, tearing, and incising foods to aid in health digestion.  Without natural teeth or dentures, you are at a great risk for digestive problems from not breaking your food down into small pieces.  Also, trying to eat without teeth could be a choking hazard.

2.  Esthetics– A denture helps contour your mouth into a normal shape to prevent a person from looking older than the actually are.  Dentures also restore your smiles by giving you teeth to show off.  There are several different tooth shapes and colors to choose from when making a denture.  

3.  Self-esteem– There will be no more covering your mouth when you laugh.  Dentures will make your more youthful and vibrant and in turn improving how you feel about yourself.  With a denture, you get to choose how straight and white your teeth look.  You can essentially get the smile that you always wanted.

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