Dr. Hill helps sensitive teeth


Have you ever have that sharp pain that hits whenever you drink something cold?

You may have one tooth or several teeth that are sensitive to temperature change.  Here are some causes of tooth sensitivity and some ways to relieve it:

1. The tooth has a cavity. one of the tell-tale signs of a cavity is sensitivity to cold and to sweets.  A visit to the dentist and x-ray will determine if a cavity is the cause of the sensitivity you are experiencing.

2. The enamel on your tooth has worn away.  Sometimes the enamel will wear away on a tooth if a person brushes their teeth too hard.  This causes abraded areas or “toothbrush abrasion” to appear on teeth.  Enamel is the barrier against sensitivity on a  tooth; without it your tooth has more exposure to the nerve of the tooth thus causing that sharp pain.

Tooth enamel can also wear away from erosion from acids from foods and drinks.  Eating too many acidic foods such as citric fruits could cause such erosion.  Your dentist will determine if filling material needs to be placed on the area to act as a barrier.

3.  A tooth is fractured.  A tooth that is fractured may be sensitive to cold and pressure.  A dentist will perform a series of tests and dental x-rays to locate the fracture and determine if the tooth can be saved.

In summary,  there is very little that you can do to remedy a tooth sensitivity issue without a proper diagnosis of the problem from a licensed dental professional.  A sensitivity toothpaste may provide temporary relief but it is best to seek a professional opinion.

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